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Extra-curricular events

SPRING Colloquium

The SPRING Colloquium is a series of lectures serving as a discussion forum on selected topics related to planning issues worldwide. Case studies are presented by lecturers, researchers and practitioner homebased at our school of spatial planning or external institutions (e.g. universities, research institutes, governmental institutions, NGOs, development projects, UN Organisations). Generally these case studies are related to topics that are not extensively covered in the regular SPRING lectures. The Colloquium should also encourage the exchange of ideas and concepts on development planning and management between students and experts as well as reflect on practical experiences and new knowledge gained in academia.

SPRING Cross Cultural Training

The two-day Cross Cultural Training (CCT) seminar at the beginning of each winter semester is an additional offer for students of the SPRING programme. In this seminar, students are familiarized with concepts of intercultural communication and conflict management and apply in interactive modules particular tools to reflect on one's own experiences with regard to cultural diversity and the (further) development of one's own cultural sensitivity.
The "Cross Cultural Training" thus not only makes an important contribution to successful group work, a lively discussion culture and a valuable cooperation in multinational university life in Germany (1st year) and Brazil, Ghana, Tanzania, Chile and the Philippines (2 academic year). It also serves participants to acquire intercultural competence for their future professional life in their home countries or regions with local or international employers.

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