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Voices of SPRING Students and Alumni

SPRING students and Alumni are the best testimonials for the performance and quality of our programme.

You can listen to first year and read about impressions of second year students. Alumni reflect on the relevance of SPRING learning objectives for their current job and SPRING graduates report about their working experience at UN Organisations.

SPRING Batch 2003-04: East-Germany ExcursionSPRING Batch 2005-06: Campus RunSPRING Opening Ceremony 2012-13SPRING Batch 2013-14: Final CeremonySPRING Batch 2015-16: SPRING PartySPRING Batch 2015-16: Faculty DaySPRING Batch 2016-17: GIZ HochschultagSPRING Batch 2017-18: Berlin Excursion

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