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Important Dates

Lecture periods

Lecture periods

07.10.2019 - 31.01.2020

06.04.2020 - 17.07.2020

Excursion weeks





Examination Dates and Assignment Deadlines

M1: Planning Approaches and Key Skills for Planners (Written Exam) Will be announced soon.
M2: Workshop - Planning Practice (3 Workshop Reports) Will be announced soon.
M3: Planning in Developing Countries and Physical Infrastructur (Research Paper) Will be announced soon.
M4: Planning Tools (Assignments) Will be announced soon.
M5: Concepts and Theories for Planning (Oral Examination) Will be announced soon.
M6: Socio Economic Development Planning (Oral Examination)

Will be announced soon.




German Unity Day 03.10.2019
All Saints' Day 01.11.2019
Christmas vacation 24.12.2019 - 01.01.2020
Easter 12.04.2020
Labour Day 01.05.2020
Ascension Day 21.05.2020
Whitsun 31.05.2020
Corpus Christi 11.05.2020



Important SPRING-Dates

Cross Cultural Training 19.-20.10.2019
Planer Party 17.10.2019
International Reception Will be announced soon.
Tag der offenen Tür 21.11.2019
Berlin Excursion 18.-21.03.2020
SPRING Party 24.04.2020
Campus Run 27.05.2020
Faculty's Day 26.06.2020
Summer Festival 02.07.2020

Sub content

On this page you will find the dates of exams, deadlines, German holidays and important SPRING-dates.


Dates that have already expired are grayed out.

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