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Genevieve Sparkles attended a Summer School in Peru

The SPRING student Genevieve Sevlo Sparkles (Batch 2011/12), currently studying at UACh, has attended the International Summer School ‘Lima beyond the Park’ in Peru from 18.2.-3.3.2013. The summer school was organised by the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology (ILPÖ) of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with four other Universities and financed by DAAD. The participants explored different technologies, designs and methods to improve the use of the limited water resources in the Worlds second driest megacity: LIMA-Peru by adopting Water Sensitive Urban Designs.


Working in Lima with a growing population of about 9million inhabitants and an annual rainfall of 9mm was not just an eye opener but also challenging and exciting. The need for a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the 21st century urban cities was a key feature as participants were from different professions: water engineers, agriculture engineers, architects, spatial planners, social scientist, environmentalist and landscape architects.

Lima and for that matter Peru cannot be talked about without mentioning the beautiful archaeological sites, rich indigenous culture and of course good, tasty food which added to the exciting experience.

Genevieve Sparkles

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