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SPRING participated at Campuslauf

There is a saying about sports, “a place with sports arenas no patients would be there”. Campuslauf, the event was held at Nord campus TU Dortmund on 15th May, 2013. More than 1000 enthusiastic and energetic athletes participated in 2.5 km, 5 km and 10 km race as individual and teams of different faculties and clubs including all age groups.


Every faculty of TU Dortmund formed their own teams with different names, the team Traumplaner, led by Dr. Prof Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, consisted of Raumplanung faculty members and students. The team spirit was very high to achieve the victory. The Traumplaner team was energetic and encouraged by the leader who himself was participating in 10 km race.

The Campuslauf started around 18.00 hour in the evening. There was an environment of joy and sportsman spirit. Every participant was busy in their warm up exercises before the race. There were sounds of cheerfulness, enjoyment and a genial environment for participants as well as supporters. The first round started around 18.30 and the majority of people participated in this round. All SPRING students took part in the 2.5km race and everybody was enthusiastic for the victory. SPRING participants scored good positions in this round. Edgar M. Reyes Jr. from Philippines covered this distance in 0:13:38 minutes as the first of the SPRING students and Sajjad Ali Bhayo from Pakistan completed this round in 0:16:09 minutes being the last in Traumplaner boys team. Other participants who crossed the finish line were Lakew Kiflu Shenkute (Ethiopia) in 0:13:50 minutes, Aryal Prakash (Nepal) in 0:13:51 minutes, Mathew William (Tanzania) in 0:14:48 minutes, Al Faraby Jimly (Indonesia) in 0:16:03 minutes and Mendoza Bonnie Andrew (from Philippines) in 0:16:03 minutes and in girls participants of Traumplaner Anggraini Maya (Indonesia) and Guevarra Eliza (Philippines) completed in 0:17:48 and  0:17:49 minutes respectively. In the second round of the Campuslauf, the 5 km race, 9 members of the Traumplaner team participated. In the mentioned race Simon Bülow completed the distance in 0:23:17 and Ariana Fürst in 0:28:43 minutes. Other participants of the team crossed the finish line after 24 to 27 minutes.

Finally, the 10 km race started and our beloved teacher Dr. Prof. Einhard Schmidt Kallert and other 17 candidates participated in this round. This was the most exciting round for the Traumplaner  team as well as for their supporters. It was a very appreciative performance of Dr. Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert for our team who crossed the finish line after   0:53:38 minutes. Indeed it was a very wonderful event for all participating teams not only from different departments of TU Dortmund but also for the external participants from different clubs and schools.



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