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Graduation of SPRING students in Valdivia, Chile

July 2014 -The graduation exams in Valdivia took place the 17th and 18th of July which were hosted by Dr. Felix Fuders (SPRING coordinator UACh), Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (Head of SPRING at TU Dortmund University) and Prof. VĂ­ctor Jacques Parraguez (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of UACh).


The six SPRING students Akosua Osei-Appaw and Hanna Adom-Ameyaw, both from Ghana, Maya Virdayanti from Indonesia, Irina Popusoi from Moldova, Bonnie Mendoza from the Philippines and Md. Shakil Khan from Bangladesh participated successfully and received their certificate of graduation with excellent results. Moreover Dr. Manfred Max-Neef (Right Livelihood Award Laureate 1983) encouraged the SPRING graduates in his talk to continue their professional and personal life in accordance to one’s convictions. “In the end of the career”, he says, “you will look at the past and feel proud and very happy of what you did. The more you gave of you to others, the more you have been grown. This is my advice with my best wishes for you.”

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