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Excursion to East Germany 2015

From saturday, 12th of september to monday evening, 14th of september the new SPRING Batch 2015/16 discovered German culture on a 3 day excursion to east Germany as a part of the German language course.


Under the guidance of Dr. Elmar Winters-Ohle, the place to visit on the bus ride was the former concentration camp "Mittelbau-Dora". From there the group went to Weimar to follow the traces of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The day ended in a hotel in Jena. On sunday the group visited the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein before going to Dresden to experience one of Germanys most famous and cultural rich cities. On the last day the first destination to visit was Eisenach, to visit the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Haus, listen to some live performed music and find out more about the famous composer. The last destination before going back to Dortmund was the famous Wartburg, including a guided tour and a live view on the room where Martin Luther lived for some time.



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