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New DAAD offer: Courses for reintegration

After graduating abroad and returning to their home country, students often report that they are struggling to find back in their old job or to find a new job. This might happen due to a lack of organization in the respective country but also because of corruption and/ or debates within the families.


The workshop started with students of the SPRING master offered at TU Dortmund and “Development Management” offered by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
The courses provides students with a wide variety of possibilities, making reintegration easier. The students simulate looking for a job, take different roles of members of the family, employers and supporting organizations to create a better understanding about their positions. In addition they get to know the application standards for German or international employers, giving them new insights into the process of applying.
As the request for this kind of courses was and is quite high, in the near future the courses will aim at students of all the AGEP postgraduate study programs to make reintegration easier after studying abroad.
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