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SPRING Student at Global Landscapes Forum Bonn

The Global Landscapes Forum, held at the World Conference Center in Bonn, on 19-20 December 2017 brought together concerned individuals from all around the globe. As a privileged participant of this global phenomena, this year’s SPRING student Tamanna Rahman felt motivated for acting as a patron for earth's wellbeing, to fight for the prospective sustainability of its diverse landscapes.


As Robert Nasi, Director General of the Center for International Forestry Research - CIFR, mentioned in the event “We are all stakeholders in the problems we address”.
Tamanna realized, that integration of indigenous knowledge, science and appropriate investment can help in restoring ecosystems and its services which in turn brings economic and social benefits for our planet. The necessity of such benefits could, in her opinion, be traced in the wise words of the mystical leader Sadhguru “The very body that we carry is just an outcrop of this planet, so there is no good life without a good planet”.
The core objective of this two-day long event was to promote and convey the potential of the landscape approach and hence major topics of discussion were: rights and equitable development, financing sustainable landscapes, food and livelihoods, landscape restoration and measuring progress towards climate and development goals. In addition to various plenaries, numerous sub-plenaries and structured networking sessions were arranged.
Moreover ‘THINK LANDSCAPE’ was the take-home message for Tamanna to act around the planet's pressing climatic and development challenges for different landscapes. Tamanna said that she is grateful to the SPRING Master Program for granting her the unique opportunity of being a part of this outstanding forum.

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