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Conference on "Planning towards Sustainability and Resilience" in Manila, The Philippines

Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (the former Head of SPRING Dortmund) gave a keynote lecture at an international conference in Manila. In his talk entitled „From Habitat I (Vancouver) to Habitat III (Quito) and beyond – Lofty Objectives, but Meagre Impact on the Ground?” he gave an overview of the international debate on urban housing policies and urbanisation in general over the last 40 years

2018 Conference Manila_2

Subsequently he identified key challenges facing the planning profession, especially in cities of the Global South. (http://conference.surp.upd.edu.ph/downloads/ICURP%202018%20Downloads/KN01_Global%20Perspective_KALLERT.pdf)

The conference, which had been organised under the general theme “Planning towards Sustainability and Resilience” by the Asian SPRING partner, the School of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of the Philippines was intended to enhance the mutual exchange between academic research, planning practice and local government. Among the 500 participants there were, apart from representatives of planning schools in Southeast Asia, in China and in Germany, nearly 50 mayors of large and medium-sized cities in the Philippines. Apart from the dialogue between academia and practice, the conference offered numerous opportunities for international networking.

The photo shows the get-together of SPRING Network partners during the Conference: Prof. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert (Dortmund), Prof. Carmelita Liwag (Manila) and Prof. Teodoro Klausel (Valdivia, Chile) with SPRING-Alumni.

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