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Farewell to SPRING 2017/18 Batch

On 3rd August 2018 Mr. Samuel Awatey who served as a class speaker for his year group (SPRING 2017/18 Batch) in Dortmund visited the SPRING Coordinator before embarking on his transit to Ghana and onward journey to the second-year mobility destination—Valdivia (Chile).

Weber_Awatey Farewell

It was with mixed feelings of nostalgia as Mr. Awatey expressed his gratefulness to the SPRING fraternity in Dortmund for the opportunity in serving his colleagues, rich experiences gained and above all exposure to extra curriculum activities which he recounted added a lot more to his total human development. Mr. Awatey further expressed profound appreciation for the administrative support rendered by the SPRING student assistants for his year group during the course of their study in Germany.

Dr. Anne Weber; the SPRING Coordinator in Dortmund also shows gratitude on behalf of the SPRING Programme and encouraged Mr. Awatey to continually accept every opportunity in serving as a leader in his future endeavors.
There were a lot of merrymaking amidst presentation of several gift items to Mr. Awatey as a token for administrative liaisons between the SPRING Department and the 2017/18 Batch.

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