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SPRING-Party 2019

In this May, the SPRING students celebrated the cultural exchange at the annual SPRING-Party. Read more to find out what they did.


The SPRING-Party took place on 10 May. SPRING-Students, their friends and family, the SPRING-Staff as well as SPRING-Alumni enjoyed a fantastic evening together.

The students have prepared traditional dishes from their home countries and impressed their guest with the wide variety of delicacies being served.

There were many interesting and inspiring conversations, stories from all over the world were told and of course there was a lot of dancing.

One Highlight of the evening was definitely the cultural patchwork, which was created by all guest together. Therefore many country-typical patterns were hung up as inspiration. Then everyone contributed to the patchwork with scissors, glue and lots of fun. The many small parts form a beautiful whole.

This year's SPRING-Party was a complete success and an enriching experience.


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