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Let's remember the refugees, IDPs and homeless in this COVID-19 struggle

The SPRING students of the current Batch 19/20 created a campaign to draw attention to the refugees and other people without homes who are especially affected by this Corona crisis, worldwide.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is currently affecting everyday life all around the globe. People are advised to stay at home so that the risk of infection of the virus remains as low as possible. However, this is not possible for everyone . Worldwide, there are people who have no home, who have fled or been displaced from their homeland. So that these people are not forgotten, the students of the Master program SPRING of the TU Dortmund University started the campaign "let's remember the refugees, IDPs and homeless in this COVID-19 struggle". Everyone can become part of the campaign by posting a picture of themselves and a poster with the caption of the campaign on social media to express their support for the people who cannot be at home at the moment.

You can watch the video on our Social Media Webites:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAKcm8TpXK1/

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