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SPRING online teaching knows no spatial boundaries

The current COVID-19 situation has challenged the Master Programme SPRING in this summer semester.
The SPRING students come from all over the world (Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Colombia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Uganda). Some of them flew back to their home countries before the Corona crisis, some of them were stranded somewhere on their journey to their home countries or were still in Dortmund far away from their home country.


For the SPRING classes, the distribution of the students around the globe meant that a total of 13-hours’ time difference had to be bridged. Nevertheless, all online lectures, seminars, workshops and exams were suitably organised and adapted to the available infrastructure, which in many of the students' home countries does not necessarily meet German standards. But with a lot of creativity the adaptation was accomplished and has shown the high potential of resilience of both students and teachers.
At the same time, the SPRING team maintains business in home office mode, uses virtual rooms for team meetings and for advising current first- and second-year students as well as future students on their arrival preparations.
Together we wish all students and employees of the School of Spatial Planning best health and recreative and relaxing lecture-free period.

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